Daffodils: Coming Fresh Again

February 24, 2016


“. . . spring does have its own special character, unlike any other time, and that part of what happens in spring is remembering we have it in us to surprise ourselves — things do come fresh again.”
— Sven Birkerts, The Other Walk: Essays

The daffodils are blooming in Seattle.  These fresh spots of cheerful yellow are welcome surprises after one of the wettest and rainiest winters on record.  Time to turn over a fresh leaf and celebrate the coming spring.





I’ve been painting daffodils.  My paintings are still overworked, but I am improving, I think!








One Response to “Daffodils: Coming Fresh Again”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Such beautiful flowers — both in the photos and the sketches. I was bemoaning to myself again that we don’t have daffodils except in the grocery store, but then I did a little search, and found that there is a daffodil garden six hours north. Well, shoot…

    Maybe I won’t,
    but maybe I will.
    There’s nothing quite like
    a sweet daffodil.

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