Spain Travels: Modern and Cutting Edge

November 15, 2015

Glassed-in balcony, Barcelona

Glassed-in balcony, Barcelona

Given that historical buildings in Seattle are likely to be less than two hundred years old, it is not surprising that I was drawn to the charms of medieval and vintage Spain —  its narrow labyrinthine streets in the old quarters of its cities, the faded Moorish influences, the wrought-iron balconies . . .  But I was also very impressed with some of Spain’s avant-garde glimpses of fashion and architecture.

Fashion, shop window in Granada

Fashion, shop window in Granada

I was totally captivated by this metal spiral staircase that we saw inside La Caixa Forum in Madrid:



And their bathrooms were pretty wonderful, too!

Apple-green restroom, La Caixa Forum, Madrid

Apple-green restroom, La Caixa Forum, Madrid

The Metropole Parasol at Plaza de Encarnacion in Seville is a fanciful urban installation with an elevated viewing platform.  I loved the lightness of its balsa-wood-like structure, its curviness, and imaginative shape.




And in Barcelona, we spotted the Agbar Tower, that gherkin-shaped building designed by Jean Nouvel, as we were crossing a street.


All of these wonderful expressions of modern style and design tell me that Spain is not living in the past, but is striding exuberantly into the future.





2 Responses to “Spain Travels: Modern and Cutting Edge”

  1. Elisa Says:

    I either really like Barcelona better than the others or I simply like your image choices for these! yay!

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