My Next Adventure: A Trip to Spain

October 21, 2015

Photo taken of my television screen from the DVD Flamenco, Flamenco

Photo taken of my television screen from the DVD Flamenco, Flamenco


For the past two weeks I have been adventuring in Spain, and when I return in a couple of days, I look forward to sharing my travel experiences with you.

As usual, I did quite a bit of reading in preparation for my journey, and my pre-trip mind is filled with impressions and expectations.  Still, I will try to go with an open mind.  Since this will be my first time in Spain, I will see things with fresh eyes and will try to capture my experiences in photos, words, and sketches.

“Sometimes it is better not to know anything about a country when you visit it.  Especially it is important not to know its language or languages.  Thus every sound, striking the ear like a bell or animal cry, without any associative meaning, takes on the immediate quality of poetry, the quality of pure color in painting, with the percussive effect of pure sound in a void.  It is only as these sounds accumulate inside us that some sort of composite meaning forms itself.  Until then, we are like children newly arrived on earth, with virginic timpani, each a tabula rosa upon which all has yet to be written.  Herein lies the true fascination of travel, not in the confirmation or contradiction of what we have been lead to expect by the perusal of history or the learning of local languages, nor by the recognition of native customs in their similarity or dissimilarity to our own, etc. etc.
— Lawrence Ferlinghetti, from “Marrakesh Journal, July 1983,” Writing Across the Landscape

3 Responses to “My Next Adventure: A Trip to Spain”

  1. I look forward to see the pictures you made in Spain !

  2. fingerwerk Says:

    Great! I just booked my trip, too! 😀 Visiting a dear friend living near the Costa Brava.
    Enjoy your days,

  3. Diana Studer Says:

    I remember the first fresh impressions of Spain. We flew with Iberia and it was also my first impression of Europe. Or any country outside my own.

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