Something to Crow About

August 27, 2015


“He liked the hens.  He liked their bobbing, pecking scurry and the old lady sort of attitude they took about their roosts.  He liked eggs too . . .”
— Richard Wagamese, Medicine Walk





Kathryn, age 6, with home-raised eggs

Kathryn, age 6, with home-raised eggs

In k and colored pencil sketch of rooster

In k and colored pencil sketch of rooster

Watercolor sketch "Something to Crow About"

Watercolor sketch “Something to Crow About”



9 Responses to “Something to Crow About”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    That wings-spread photo is pure essence of rooster. I love hearing roosters crow. There used to be one around here, somewhere, but it’s gone now: no doubt a victim of old age or the neighborhood association. Ah, well.

    Great photos and sketches!

  2. Choral Eddie Says:

    Are your sketches for sale?

  3. tbnranch Says:

    Wow, love your art! Any for sale?

  4. Bev Morrow Says:

    Awesome watercolors………… usual.

  5. shoreacres Says:

    Look at what I just found — chickens in the Paris Review!

  6. mzuritam Says:

    I love chickens and roosters! You did great draw-paintings, too! How fun!

  7. Theo Onken Says:

    Oh, my goodness–what awesome photographs and painting’s. So glad i discovered this blog. Am homesick for Seattle/Renton. Am going to take my time looking your entire blog over…Love what i have seen so far. Am a graduate of Renton High–way too many moons ago–and i knew a Rosemary. Her father owned a Bowling Alley in the Highlands. Any way, i write–mostly poetry and am working on my first novel. Am Published. Have a real passion for all of the arts. Your blog is full of the things i love.

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