Baby Seagulls

August 25, 2015

Baby seagulls

Baby seagulls


Last month I happened to see these baby seagulls on a pier next to the ferry landing at Winslow on Bainbridge Island.  I realized, when I saw these spotted, fluffy creatures, that I had never before seen baby seagulls.

I imagine that most seagulls nest on bluffs or hard-to-access places, out of the stream of normal human commerce.  It looked like these babies had to stay close to the nest — those nubby wings and over-sized, gangly feet would make walking or flying impossible or too unwieldy for quite some time.  By the time they are ready to fly, they must have lost their spots and look like typical seagulls.

What a lucky occasion this was, then, to have seen two seagull chicks so close by.

Watercolor sketch of baby seagull

Watercolor sketch of baby seagull

Another watercolor sketch of baby seagull

Another watercolor sketch of baby seagull


5 Responses to “Baby Seagulls”

  1. Choral Eddie Says:

    Great sketches!

  2. shoreacres Says:

    I’ve never once seen baby seagulls. It seems strange to me that this pair was where they were. I hate to think how they got there, or what happened to them — so I won’t! But I’m glad to have seen them, and your sketch is lovely.

  3. Cindy Says:

    When I worked in the City Centre building, my window looked down on a rooftop that was a favorite nesting place for seagulls. The chicks grew quickly and practiced their flying skills on the roof. It was entertaining watching them run, flap and jump only to belly flop and get up and try it again. They were able to fly on their own during the first week in August. Also, you could tell the youth from their parents because they were mostly brown/gray and didn’t have their white feathers yet. Until I saw them nesting on the rooftop, I had never seen baby seagulls either.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Cindy, how I would have loved to have looked out of that office window with you! So wonderful to hear from you.

  4. Barbara A Stahler Says:

    Incredible! Your watercolors are also wonderful.

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