Touched by Trees

June 15, 2015


by W. S. Merwin

I am looking at trees
they may be one of the things I will miss
most from the earth
though many of the ones I have seen
already I cannot remember
and though I seldom embrace the ones I see
and have never been able to speak
with one
I listen to them tenderly
their names have never touched them
they have stood round my sleep
and when it was forbidden to climb them
they have carried me in their branches.



"Lawrence Tree" painting by Georgia O'Keeffe

“Lawrence Tree” painting by Georgia O’Keeffe

Here are some beautiful books about trees:




I think Overleaf is a particularly creative compilation of leaf paintings — pairs of individually rendered leaves, front view and back view.






3 Responses to “Touched by Trees”

  1. kittybluhm Says:

    Thank you Rosemary . . . (‘I listen to them tenderly’) A comfort to read as we negotiate with neighbors once again to keep at least a few of our “natural trees”

  2. shoreacres Says:

    O’Keeffe’s “Lawrence Tree” is one of my favorites. Thanks for including it — and the poem.

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