November in My Soul

November 8, 2014

“It is a damp, drizzly November in my soul.”
— Ishmael at the beginning of Moby Dick by Herman Melville


Wet pavement, between showers

Wet pavement, between showers

November on Greenwood Ave N

November on Greenwood Ave N

Soggy leaves

Soggy leaves

Between showers

Between showers




2 Responses to “November in My Soul”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    You’ve reminded me of that amusing contest that asked people to change famouos lines from literature. My favorite always has been, “Call me, Ismael.” 🙂

    The last two photos look like wonderful paintings. I really like them.

  2. Elisa Says:

    This series makes me want to live there! Quaint and yummy!

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