Likened to a Begonia

September 10, 2014



“The begonia is, or then was, a plant of such senatorial qualities as to make a simile, in intention, most flattering.  Far from charming in its refinement, the begonia was remarkable for curious and showy foliage; it was conspicuous; it seemed to have no useful purpose; and it insisted on standing always in the most prominent positions.”
— Henry Adams, from The Education of Henry Adams

Begonias on the traffic circle at Seward Park

Begonias on the traffic circle at Seward Park






5 Responses to “Likened to a Begonia”

  1. Carolyn Radakovich Says:


  2. Diana Studer Says:

    I’m looking for a word for the edge of petals, with little teeth like dianthus. I thought it was picotee – but when I looked it up – it is your first begonia. A petal with a darker edge.

  3. shoreacres Says:

    My word! Your begonias certainly outshine our begonias, and by miles and miles. The photos are gorgeous. Please tell me you saturated the color just a bit. If not, I’m going to die of jealousy!

    • Rosemary Says:

      I did saturate the color, but not much. I try to match the color in my photos to the real world. These were some particularly lush and vibrant begonias.

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