Sunflowers and Hope

August 30, 2014

The face of a sunflower

The face of a sunflower

“Alm0st all lives are small.  What enlarges a life is the inner life, are the thoughts, are the sensations, are the useless hopes . . . Hope is like a sunflower which turns aimlessly toward the sun.  But it is not ‘aimless.'”
— Clarice Lispector,  The Streams of Life

Buckets of sunflowers, Pike Place Market

Buckets of sunflowers, Pike Place Market





6 Responses to “Sunflowers and Hope”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I love sunflowers. It is true that their movement isn’t aimless. They follow the sun from east to west, but only while they’re developing.

    Younger sunflowers with heads not yet pollinated will engage in heliotropism. Once the plant is mature and pollination has been completed, the sunflower faces east and doesn’t move westward with the sun. It’s so neat – there’s more about heliotropism here.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thanks for the link about heliotropism. I never knew that following the sun stopped at the flower’s maturity. Nor that sunflowers were native to North America. I wonder how they got to Provence were van Gogh painted them?

  2. Sunflowers always make me smile…lots of smiles here!

  3. Carl Gansen Says:

    I have been enjoying the blog. It does an old friend good. Union Hill Carl

    • Rosemary Says:

      Greetings, Carl. How nice to hear a voice from my past. It’s weird thinkjng of my blog as the connection to childhood friends.

      • Carl Gansen Says:

        Good Day Rosemary,

        I had initially gone to Google looking for information on peonies. Your blog was among the offerings. I was enjoying the blog, paging through and saw the sad portion on the passing of your Father. Up until then, I did not realize it was you. I have enjoyed your writings and photos. Take care.


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