April 22, 2014

National Poetry Month. 22

Magnolia Blossoms

Magnolia Blossoms

“Whatever its actual content and overt interest, every poem is rooted in imaginative awe.  Poetry can do a hundred and one things, delight, sadden, disturb, amuse, instruct — it may express every possible shade of emotion, and describe every conceivable kind of event, but there is only one thing that all poetry must do; it must praise all it can for being and for happening.”
— W. H. Auden, from “Making, Knowing, and Judging”



4 Responses to “Praising”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Auden certainly did a good job of following his own advice. “Being” and “happening” pretty much sum up life — it may be his elegant restatement of my own belief that “everything counts.”

  2. Elisa Says:

    yay omgoodness!! I drove the car into the city park today, as I didn’t fell well enough to go to the Tree Place, and I was treated to different types of magnolias in bloom, fruit trees too, and a large variety of pine cones on the ground!!

  3. Beautiful – art and sentiment. Poetry is too much ignored these days.

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