Celebrating the Rubber Band

March 17, 2014

My rubber band ball

My rubber band ball

On this day in 1845, England’s Stephen Perry patented his invention, the rubber band.  In honor of this remarkable and handy fastener, I made a rubber-band bracelet from instructions I found on one of the New York Public Library’s blogs.  I don’t know whether Perry intended his invention to be used for jewelry making, but some creative soul stretched his or her imagination to come up with this crafty pattern.  The bracelet isn’t hard to make at all, and it looks quite nice.

Rubber-bands link to form a chain

Rubber-bands link to form a chain

Finished bracelet

Finished bracelet

3 Responses to “Celebrating the Rubber Band”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Oh! Thanks for bringing one of my very favorite, up-beat, happy songs to mind. Remember The Spinners’ “Rubber Band Man”? It’s terrific morning music – and your bracelet’s pretty amazing.

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