NYC Vignettes: Central Park in Autumnal Tints

December 9, 2013

Central Park with path, benches and lamps

Central Park with path, benches and lamps

Central Park in autumn left me with feelings of nostalgia and romance.  I found that the special effects manipulations on my Photo Express iPad app helped to evoke these soft and elegiac feelings better than the unedited photos.  For example, consider these three versions of the above photo:




Which one do you like best?  It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?

I did get carried away with the dramatic, artsy manipulations of my photos from Central Park.  I hope you like the kaleidoscope of colors and images as much as I do.

The Mall

The Mall


















Watercolor sketch of oak leaves and acorns from the trees lining the reservoir at Central Park

Watercolor sketch of oak leaves and acorns from the trees lining the reservoir at Central Park



14 Responses to “NYC Vignettes: Central Park in Autumnal Tints”

  1. Renee Says:

    Once again you did an incredible job. Hope you come here again. Maybe do a seasonal photo log. Thank you for visiting my city and showing the beauty that can be found if you take the time to look

    • Rosemary Says:

      I would love to make quarterly visits to NYC. I can’t imagine ever exhausting the list of things to do and see there. The next time I go, perhaps we can meet for coffee, and you can show me one of your favorite quintessential NYC places.

  2. Choral Eddie Says:

    New to your blog which I am enjoying. Would you please tell me what camera you are using?

    • Rosemary Says:

      Welcome. I use a Canon Rebel xTi.

      • Choral Eddie Says:

        Thank you. Nice camera and photos. Next time you visit NYC come to Brooklyn Heights to see the goings on at the river, Brooklyn Bridge Park and the historical homes/buildings.

      • Rosemary Says:

        I was sorry not to have found the time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on this trip. My husband and I did that on my first trip to NYC in January. You can go back to look at my January 28th blog post to read about that experience. Next time I would love to walk in the neighborhood and see the old houses. I’m already starting a To-Do list for the future.

  3. shoreacres Says:

    Despite my almost reflexive tendency to prefer squirrels above all else, I think my favorite is the buildings with the yellow-ish sky. The curves in your first photo reminds me of the stone fence at Storm King.

  4. kittybluhm Says:

    Rosemary, these are GREAT photos. I cannot really choose between them. The Mall is extraordinary in my opinion.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thank you, Kitty.

    • Rosemary Says:

      I have to say that I am pleased with my NYC photos. I try to capture the essence of a place in a combination of wide open shots, close-up details, and if possible, show people in their natural goings about. I try to make these little NYC vignettes, these daily posts, into mini-photo essays. The end result is a souvenir travel journal for me. So happy to share it with the world!

  5. Elisa Says:

    I love them all.

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