Filling Our Souls with Warmth and Gaiety

October 29, 2013

Fall color on the shores of Green Lake

Fall color on the shores of Green Lake

“However we may feel about strong colour during the spring and summer, there are few who do not welcome it in the autumn garden.  It is as if we wished to fill our souls with warmth and gaiety against the time when winter with its cold white silence shall lie upon the land.”
— Louise Beebe Wilder, Colour in My Garden, 1935


My 40-year-old dictionary has been getting a real workout pressing leaves this fall.

My 40-year-old dictionary has been getting a real workout pressing leaves this fall.


Watercolor sketch of fall leaves




10 Responses to “Filling Our Souls with Warmth and Gaiety”

  1. Mary Heath Says:

    I press leaves in the same dictionary! I love the quote. Thanks as always. Love, Mary


  2. Judy Says:

    Occasionally now, when I go to look something up in my old dictionary, a pressed fall leaf from years ago, drops out and surprises me.

    • Rosemary Says:

      That’s happened to me, too! Maybe I should start hiding money in my books and then the surprise would really be special!

  3. camilla wells paynter Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love your paintings, and in particular, your combination of paintings, photos and text. Lovely post! I had a book as a child in which the industrious mice storing food for approaching winter ask the contemplative, artsy one, “why aren’t YOU working, Frederick?” and he replies, “I AM working. I am gathering sunrays for the cold, dark, winter days.”

  4. Elisa Says:

    I”ve never pressed leaves or anything…how do you do it?!

    • Rosemary Says:

      I generally put leaves in a single layer between paper towels, and then put this between the pages of a heavy book.

  5. I had to laugh, small world. Those leaves are likely from black tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica). Trees that I help plant (if on the east side of Greenlake) about 15 years ago during a community tree-planting event. Nice to know their magic continues to grow.

    • Rosemary Says:

      I wouldn’t have known what kind of tree/leaves these are. I got the leaves from the trees on the north side of the lake not too far from the wading pool, just past the little bridge heading toward the Community Center.

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