An Ode to Bacon and BLTs

July 29, 2013

Bacon from the butcher shop in town

Bacon from the butcher shop in town

Tomaotes on my kitchen windowsill

Tomaotes on my kitchen windowsill


Ingredients for a BLT sandwich

Ingredients for a BLT sandwich

One of my favorite summertime meals -- BLTs

One of my favorite summertime meals — BLTs

Summertime means fresh tomatoes.  I miss the homegrown ones, but I find that the on-the-vine tomatoes at the supermarket are reasonable substitutes.  One of my favorite summertime meals is a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

Song to Bacon
by Roy Blount, Jr.

Consumer groups have gone and taken
Some of the savor out of bacon.
Protein-per-penny in bacon, they say,
Equals needles-per-square-inch of hay.
Well, I know, after cooking all
That’s left to eat is mighty small
(You also get a lot of lossage
In life, romance, and country sausage),
And I will vote for making it cheaper,
Wider, longer, leaner, deeper,
But let’s not throw the baby, please,
Out with the (visual rhyme here) grease.
There’s nothing crumbles like bacon still,
And I don’t think there ever will
Be anything, what e’er you use
For meat, that chews like bacon chews.
And also:  I wish these groups would tell
Me whether they counted in the smell.
The smell of cooking’s worth $2.10 a pound —
And how ’bout the sound?

8 Responses to “An Ode to Bacon and BLTs”

  1. ebbtide Says:

    yeah – you had me at bacon… always best from the butcher shop!

  2. Judy Says:

    Love the BLT’s, oh and Deviled Eggs too!!

  3. camilla wells paynter Says:

    You had me at deviled eggs. 🙂 The kitchen windowsill photo is my favorite. The way you capture the light is beautiful. I love your collection of antique mason jars. And those are awfully nice-looking tomatoes for store-bought!

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  5. We’ve been obsessed with BLTs as well–perfect use of gorgeous tomatoes. Perfect poem!

  6. shoreacres Says:

    BLT’s were our go-to meal at home in Iowa during tomato season. And sometimes, if we thought we were eating just a tad too much bacon, we’d have tomato sandwiches.

    My personal variation dispenses with the lettuce in favor of toasted whole grain bread, mayo, tomatoes and bacon. I’ve found a source for natural bacon now – applewood smoked – so I’m having a hard time limiting my intake of the little gems!

    • Rosemary Says:

      BLTs are a special seasonal treat for me, too. Now that I have a bread machine, I am enjoying homemade bread in the sandwich. Another layer of deliciousness.

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