Tree-Watching Project: Bald Cypress

November 14, 2012

Walking the bald cypress-lined path at Green Lake

The bald cypress is an intriguing tree.  Its leaves look like the needles of evergreen trees, so when they begin turning color in the fall, you wonder whether the tree is diseased.  But no, it is in fact a deciduous tree, and the color change is normal.  It’s also a conifer.  Green Lake Park in Seattle has several tall specimens.

Cones of the bald cypress

Impressionist-like curtain of foliage — turning rusty orange in November



3 Responses to “Tree-Watching Project: Bald Cypress”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Finally! Something we have in common. Some people call them dry or upland cypress here, but it’s the same tree. Ours are just beginning to turn – a few still are completely green, while others already are dropping their leaves/needles.

    When I first saw them turn, I thought the spider mites had arrived!

  2. Deborah Weaver Says:

    We have planted several young larch, and enjoy their festive fall colors tremendously. I would love to discover a mature grove near Maple Valley and get a glimpse of what they will become (and adjust my spacing accordingly)

  3. Sallyann Says:

    They’re beautiful. 🙂

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