Season of Mists and a Road Trip with Clouds

November 4, 2012

Morning clouds swirl on the hillsides above the Columbia River north of Wenatchee, WA

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness . . .”
John Keats

The drive back home to Seattle from Chelan was a wet, misty affair.  But the low clouds clinging to the hillsides and mountainsides created a beautiful, moody atmosphere as I covered the miles.  I drove Hwy 97-alt south along the Columbia River to Wenatchee, and then drove west on Hwy 2 over Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains.  It’s a great fall drive with lots of color.

The gray skies dulled the colors a bit along the Columbia River

Yellow poplar trees along the Columbia River

Hwy 2 as I approached Leavenworth

Along Hwy 2 in the Cascades

Moss-covered branches

A little open meadow along Hwy 2

Fall color on the mountainside near Stevens Pass

Tree branch with waterfalls

Road trip on Hwy 2 in autumn


8 Responses to “Season of Mists and a Road Trip with Clouds”

  1. Love the contrasting colours in your photos! Great job.

  2. Phlox Says:

    Thanks for these beautiful photos…

  3. Lovely, Lovely!!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sigrun Says:

    Wow – these are truly beautiful pictures, love all of them!

  5. Carolyn and Ed Gastellum Says:

    Super photographs at a very perfect time. But such artistic rendering makes all the photos a pleasure to dwell on. Thanks for sharing.

    Ed Gastellum

  6. Reblogged this on confessions of an owl and commented:
    i am speechless

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