Sweet Zen Emptiness

October 4, 2012

Dried Queen Anne’s lace at the Union Bay Natural Area in Seattle

I’ve just now discovered the poetry of David Budbill who for more than 40 years has lived a quiet life in the mountains of Vermont.  His poems are deceptively simple, spare, but pointed.  I have read three books of his poetry from our library, and I plan to learn more about his work by reading some of his essays, poems, and blog posts on his website (you can link to it here).

Some of his sensibilities are Thoreau-like, and you know how much I admire Thoreau!

Here’s one of Budbill’s poems for early fall:

After Labor Day
by David Budbill, from During the Warbler’s Spring Migration, While Feeling Sorry for Myself for Being Stuck Here, the Dooryard Birds Save Me from My Melancholy

Summer people gone.
Kids back in school.

Fall coming fast.
Leaves turning.

Birds going south.
World getting quiet.

Chinese melancholy.
Sweet Zen emptiness.

Here again this year.


4 Responses to “Sweet Zen Emptiness”

  1. found an interesting blog post of his, on New and Old Vermonters. Expresses something of our life as New in an Old country town.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Thanks for the pointer to Budbill’s website. I’ve enjoyed his poems on The Writer’s Almanac, and it’s nice to see more.

  3. Sigrun Says:

    Thank you so much for the introduction!

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