Self-Portrait in Window: A Figment of My Own Imagination

August 17, 2012

Self-portrait: my reflection in a shop window

When I was walking in Pioneer Square recently, my gaze was arrested by my reflected images in the shop windows.  I stopped to photograph these ghostly mirages.  I have few photos of myself because usually I’m the one behind the camera.  So these shots were a fun departure from the norm.  I felt like a figment of my own imagination.

Reflected image

I like the ghostly effect

A ghost among the candied apples!




9 Responses to “Self-Portrait in Window: A Figment of My Own Imagination”

  1. Martha Says:

    So good to see you! You look like my kind of gal- very basic and ready to go- just like me.

    The apples image is my favorite. Very spectral.

  2. melanyrae62 Says:

    Love the effect. And candied apples make me happy too ; )

  3. Shirley Says:

    great would like more self portraits

  4. shoreacres Says:

    I’m especially fond of the last two – they really are special. And your title made me think of my great-aunt Rilla. She was given to malapropisms, and because of her the phrase “fig newton of the imagination” was firmly embedded in the family lexicon.

  5. Karin Says:

    A real window of your world.

  6. Had a hard time picturing you. This is so great. A face behind the life.

  7. dogear6 Says:

    Great idea! I did mine recently in the bathroom mirror but haven’t yet posted it to my blog.

    I enjoyed looking at your more recent entries. Dale Chihuly’s Cafe was incredible – thanks so much. I saw his stuff twice when I lived in Omaha; an exhibit is coming this fall to Virginia and I plan to go see it.

    I also like the quotes you use – they do a wonderful job of helping the stories you tell.


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