Walking the Color Wheel: Seattle’s Summer Yellows

July 24, 2012

“How wonderful yellow is.  It stands for the sun.”
— Vincent Van Gogh

The sunflower’s sunny face

Sunflower silhouette

Garden art: a sunflower plate on a garden gate

Orange-yellow squash blossom

Bed of yellow yarrow

Yarrow crowned with yellow

Yellow and orange blanket flowers

Yellow lily

Garden loosestrife

St. John’s wart, a popular ground cover in Seattle

Our yellow weed, the dandelion

Yellow chairs bolted to the pier overlooking Elliott Bay in downtown Seattle

Yellow chairs with ferry, Elliott Bay

Yellow chairs with ferris wheel, Seattle waterfront

Summer sweet corn on the cob

Lemons in a blue bowl







13 Responses to “Walking the Color Wheel: Seattle’s Summer Yellows”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Beautiful, all of them. But the dandelion a weed? Never! Dandelions are bouquets made for mom and dad, wreaths for the hair, a means for determinine who likes butter and who doesn’t, and candy for squirrels! Long live the dandelion!

  2. garden2day Says:

    What yellow beauty!!!

  3. Shirley Says:

    Beautiful, blanket flowers one of my favorite

  4. Chris Says:

    Love the yellow sunflower plate shot!! Yellow is such a happy color!!

  5. Chris Says:

    A good way to remember the color spectrum…name it! Roy G. Biv 🙂

  6. Christina Says:

    Hi Rosemary,
    I’m passing the Versatile Blogger Award to you, if you’d like to accept it. Your gorgeous photos as well as your wonderfully diverse topics make you the perfect recipient.
    Wishing you every blessing,

  7. alainaflute Says:

    Wow! What lovely photos! 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful world Rosemary! We JUST heard about and looked up your blog. Melany and Carlos. p.s. I heard you are showing some of your work soon. When/where please?

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  10. […] Walking the Color Wheel: Seattle’s Summer Yellows, July 24, 2012 […]

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