Black and Orange Lilies

July 19, 2012

Black and orange lily

Dramatic black and orange lilies

Black and orange lily

Black in flowers is simply arresting.  These lilies in a neighbor’s garden attracted my eye because this was the blackest black I had ever seen in a flower.  So often black flowers are deep, deep purple.  I can see some purple in these lilies as well, but the color verges on true black.

I see my blog as something of an online nature journal.  All it takes is a walk outside my door to come up with something new to share, like seeing black in a flower.  I am often amazed at how inexhaustible Nature is.

Most often there is no improving on Nature, but I couldn’t resist trying some special effects on my photo editing software.  Here they go:

Lily with focal black & white effect

Lily with HDR-ish effect

Lily with cross-process effect

Posterized image of lily


5 Responses to “Black and Orange Lilies”

  1. garden.poet Says:

    The black on orange is just stunning. I especially like the last picture, the effect makes the black look so glossy.

  2. younggypsyspirit Says:

    Wow, some real Halloween flowers. Great color. I really like that black and white focal effect, pretty cool.

  3. shoreacres Says:

    I love playing with photo effects, and these flowers are the perfect subject. “Posterized” is one of my favorites – there’s just something about it that makes me smile (and feel like an artist, even though I’m surely not!)

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