Come Walk with Me Among the Flowers: The 2012 Georgetown Garden Walk

July 9, 2012

Jon B Dove garden cottage, Georgetown Garden Walk

Yesterday was the 2012 Georgetown Garden Walk.  My friend Carol and I strolled around, map in hand, enjoying the garden ramble.  We re-visited old favorites from last year’s Walk, and eyed a few new surprises.  This year the Garden Walk was made extra special by art in the gardens, a co-event called “Cross Pollinate.”

My absolute favorite part of the Georgetown Garden Walk was Jon B. Dove’s garden cottage.  I would love to have a garden retreat like this to write, paint, and work on my blog. Here are some photos:

The Jon B. Dove garden cottage interior

A relaxing spot to read a book

Dove garden cottage, another view

A profusion of clematis, Dove garden

Honeysuckle blossom, Dove garden

Another garden shed being made over into an extra living space

Red poppy

A small backyard space converted into a magical oasis, lined by votive candles


Garden gate, Georgetown Garden Walk

Garden arch, a cool, green spot

Many gardens sported interesting art objects, like this vintage toy airplane

Foliage from Solomon seal

Purple and green grape leaves

We saw borders lined with hubcaps, bowling balls, and this one with bottles

A gardener and her passion flower

Pink hollyhocks

Old-fashioned flowers — hollyhocks

Tea in the garden

Carol resting on a bench in Oxbow Park

Parasol and long braid

This woman with her parasol was perfectly attired for the garden walk.

Plein air painter in a garden

Budding artist, Piper, painting in her garden

Poster for 2012 Georgetown Garden Walk


64 Responses to “Come Walk with Me Among the Flowers: The 2012 Georgetown Garden Walk”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just charming…great photos!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    That looked like fun! My gardens are looking a little ragged due to the dry and hot summer we’ve had so far. It becomes a losing battle against the drought and insects.

  3. NS Says:

    Absolutely loved the garden gate. Loved the way you have brought out the pics!

  4. Beautiful flowers! fantastic picture!

  5. littlefashionistas Says:

    Really nice post and pictures!!! Love all the flowers 😉

  6. orinococds Says:

    Loved your photos, especially as we’re in the grip of mid-winter here in New Zealand. Coming from a horticultural background, I’m am always on the lookout for interesting garden or landscape related posts. Will be back for more…Thank you

  7. Akanksha Says:

    The relaxing corner for book reading looked so good, if I can have one like it…great photos,as if from wonderland!

  8. It is so reassuring to see that some places are still thriving this summer. If we hosted a garden walk at the moment it would be more like a scary haunted Halloween spectacle complete with dead plants and falling leaves. Lovely pictures

  9. Jean McBride Says:

    Your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  10. jmsabbagh Says:

    Exquisite photos ,so vivid.Thank you for sharing.Jalal

  11. michiiella Says:

    Oh wow. The place looks so fantastic! Beautiful shots :3

  12. Fun day! PS your photos would be greatly improved if you first edited them for light fill.

  13. That interior office and bedroom is everything I’ve ever wanted! I love the way it’s decorated and set up! The garden is extremely well done as well!

    Great work

  14. jafotosocial Says:

    Agradable paseo por el colorido jardín y bonitas fotos.

  15. raastha Says:

    You picture just show me how beautiful the flowers are through your lens……..superb………very well captured. congrats and keep them on and on……All the best.

  16. beautiful pictures! i live close so it makes me want to get out there and walk around!

  17. Lazfar Says:

    Wonderful pictures 🙂

  18. Grumpa Joe Says:

    What great photos of some fabulous gardens. I love the cottage, I want a place just like that to retreat to and to lose myself in creative thought.

  19. Ann Best Says:

    This was Serendipity: finding your blog!! I’m bookmarking this to stop by whenever I need a lift to my spirit. Is this Georgetown as in Georgetown near D.C.? I ask because my disabled daughter and I live in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Just wondering. If so, like us you have been in the most awful heat and maybe struggling with lost power.

    Anyway, these photographs are INCREDIBLE. Thanks SO much for posting them!!

  20. Dounia Says:

    Beautiful photos and it looks like such a lovely place! Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  21. Mad Queen Linda Says:

    Lovely photos, thanks for the look. I’ve been using wine bottles in my yard for years and am moving toward them even more now that I accidentally moved into a house with little sun and many, many deer. The bottles are almost indestructible. Congrats to you on fresh press!

  22. Excelente momento de reencuentro con la naturaleza; cuánta belleza y múltiple expresión de vida. Felicitaciones.

  23. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  24. these are such beautiful photos. i really enjoyed the cottage and the honeysuckle buds.

  25. hopesquires Says:

    How lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your photos of this garden tour. It makes me want to buy a parasol and set the fine china outside for tea.

  26. Jennifer Says:

    What lovely images of your walk. Thanks for sharing.

  27. marialla Says:

    Just fantastic pictures of flowers. The walk is pleasant and the images you present among the flowers create such pleasant feelings. I feel like I would like to take the walk. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!!!

  28. Christina Says:

    What lovely photos! You frame your subjects so interestingly and have a terrific eye. Imagine have a place like that cottage just to work in. That’s my idea of bliss, along with some dedicated free time to dream, compose, and create.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thank you, everyone, who commented on this post. I am simply thrilled to have been selected for Freshly Pressed. I appreciate your giving my blog a look.

  29. I can only say…LOVELY…..thank you so much for sharing!

  30. 312east5th Says:

    I love this! I am so glad you were freshly pressed so i could discover your blog! Your pictures are lovely particularly the one with the woman with the long braid. thanks for sharing!

  31. babso2you Says:

    The photos made me feel as if I was right there with you. Is this Georgetown in the Sierra Foothills?

    • Rosemary Says:

      No, this is the Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle. There must be Georgetowns all over the country! I’ve not heard of the one in the Sierra foothills.

  32. Renny Says:

    Fab photos! I absolutely love the one where Carol is resting on the bench, first girl with parasol, tea set and daisies. There is something poetic about those pictures 😉


  33. simple sustenance Says:

    Stunning pictures! I love the garden cottage– very charming.
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. angad81 Says:

    some of d best pics i hv seen.

  35. Lovely. I really like the image of that lounge chair nook in the garden. Would love to have something similar.

  36. Very lovely garden! I like the way you took photos. The photos itself speaks a story. And oh I love the cottage interior! Thank you for sharing 😀

  37. Ann Says:

    Beautiful photos! I loved tea in the garden. It looked so special and so good. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  38. Renee Rowell Says:

    What a lovely experience! Thanks for sharing it w/us, & congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  39. Janice Says:

    Nice. I didn’t know Guyana had such nice gardens.

  40. bentchilliphotography Says:

    Beautiful photos

  41. I’m the 101st to like this post and it’s worth it. Very vivid storytelling. A picture indeed paints a thousand words and your prudent captions added another thousand. keep up the good work. (I really love the pictures especially the “old-fashioned flowers: hollyhocks”.)

  42. sbird665 Says:

    Reblogged this on jz020299 and commented:
    ahhh 🙂

  43. Ronnie@Hurtledto60 Says:

    Congratulations on being on Freshly Pressed. I love walking around other peoples gardens thankk you for taking me on your Georgetown Garden Walk

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thanks again to everyone who commented on this post. I’ve enjoyed every single comment. And welcome new readers!

  44. Beautiful pics – looks like a perfect day. I grew up seeing lots of purple clematis and hollyhocks of various colors. Here in Chicago I see lots of flowers in our public spaces, but never hollyhocks and clematis. I think their beauty is really under-appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

  45. joiedevivre74 Says:

    Reblogged this on This beautiful life.

  46. cellynseah Says:

    Reblogged this on cellynseah and commented:
    i want to live in here!!!!

  47. Thanks for allowing me to join you on the garden walk. I love the photo of the daisies in particular as I don’t usually see them from this perspective with the sky above. Lovely! Also much enjoyed the plane; it is a bit of whimsy among nature’s gifts. The entire post was a treat. Carol’s hat looks fun. The parasol is perfect. The artists in creation mode. And the poster is well-designed and is indicative of the fun to be found.

  48. What An Eye! The room shots felt almost welcoming. The flower shots are incredible! Talent – BigTime 🙂

  49. Well done, superb shots – heavenly!

  50. […] I found a blog entry here with more photos of Jon’s garden. […]

  51. Was searching for more information about Jon Dove’s garden and was thrilled to stumble upon such a lovely blog. Following! I, too, was completely smitten with his garden cottage.

  52. […] Come Walk with Me Among the Flowers: The 2012 Georgetown Garden Walk, July 9, 2012 […]

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