Souls in Bloom

June 22, 2012

Pink roses in bloom

“Summer: to be for a few days the contemporary of roses; to breathe what’s floating around their souls in bloom.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

How lucky we are to be alive in June, the contemporaries and companions of roses!  This time I am air-drying a bowlful of soulful rose petals so that their special beauty will linger into fall and winter.

Rose petals from Carol’s fragrant bouquet

A potpourri of multicolored rose petals

9 Responses to “Souls in Bloom”

  1. Martha Says:

    Rilke, Rilke. As beautiful as roses.

  2. Chris Says:

    Yes, June is rose and strawberry month!! Beautiful photos! I have a little rose garden but my Hansa shrub roses have a scent that I could die in!
    Soak a few of those gorgeous petals in water….Rose water, you will have! 🙂

  3. Alice Shoemaker Says:

    On these rainy days, these blogs remind me it is summer and some time we will see the sun in our yards and gardens — light!
    Question: could someone tell me how you make those rose potpourris — do you just pull off the petals when they are drying and put them in a bowl and they will dry out – do you add anything else to this process which helps along the end result.

    Any ideas are appreciated. ( Maybe you don’t pull of the petals.)

    • Rosemary Says:

      I am not following any instructions. I just removed the petals, put them in a bowl, and every day or two I fluff them with my fingers. I assume they’ll dry over time. So far they have not gotten moldy. If anyone has good instructions for drying rose petals, let me know.

  4. Kerri Says:

    Luscious colors.

  5. Sallyann Says:

    Air drying the rose petals sounds like a lovely idea. It would be great to see the end result later please. 🙂

  6. Melany Says:

    I love Rilke.

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