What We Get for Nothing

June 18, 2012

Robin at the birdbath

A Living
by D. H. Lawrence

A man should never earn his living,
if he earns his life he’ll be lovely.

A bird
picks up its seeds or little snails
between heedless earth and heaven
in heedlessness.

But, the plucky little sport, it gives to life
song, and chirruping, gay feathers, fluff-shadowed warmth
and all the unspeakable charm of birds hopping
and fluttering and being birds.
– And we, we get it all from them for nothing.

The charm of birds being birds

Fresh from the bath



4 Responses to “What We Get for Nothing”

  1. That’s a great poem. My bedroom window is always open and I wake up the the birds in my garden. It is a beautiful way to wake up.

  2. Chris Says:

    Now this poem is very uplifting and sweet, indeed! That stone birdbath looks exactly like one of mine! Don’t you love to watch Robins splashing in the bath….the water flies everywhere….very nice photos!!
    We do get so many lovely, things for nothing. The best things in life are free…and are not things!!

  3. Sallyann Says:

    Beautiful. 🙂

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