Tree-Watching: The Black Walnut’s Canopy of Circling Leaves

June 12, 2012

Pattern of black walnut leaves circling like a school of minnows

Looking up into the canopy of a black walnut tree

Black walnut leaves

It’s June and the trees are in full leaf, lovely green against blue skies.  My eye was caught by the pattern formed by leaves of these black walnut trees as I walked to work yesterday.  Each black walnut leaf is composed of 15 – 23 leaflets arranged alternately on a stem.  They are pinnate compound leaves, with leaflets shaped like feathers.  Looking up, I could see patches of leaves, which formed swirling circles, like a circling school of minnows!  Quite beautiful!

Patterns of black walnut leaves


7 Responses to “Tree-Watching: The Black Walnut’s Canopy of Circling Leaves”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a very interesting perspective!

  2. Alice Shoemaker Says:

    Thanks for the walnut tree patterns love, the color variations and inspires one to do abstract drawings or paintings .

  3. Phil Barbour Says:

    Beautiful photos.. Thank you

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I’m so used to grumbling about how difficult it is to plant an edible garden in my yard that has 3 large black walnut trees that I don’t often stop to see the beauty of them. This piece has really inspired me to think on the positive side. Your photos are lovely! I really can’t thank you enough for this!

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