The Blue Trees

May 15, 2012

The Blue Trees, Westlake Park, Seattle

One of the things on my “Life List” is to see and experience an  Andy Goldsworthy sculpture in its natural environment.  He is well-known for creating transient, ephemeral sculptures of natural materials that are designed to weather and disappear over time.

I’m not aware of any Andy Goldsworthy pieces in Seattle, but when I heard about Konstantin Dimopoulos’s Blue Trees, I made a special trip to downtown Seattle to see them.  Dimopoulos, an Australian artist, uses special environmentally-safe pigments to paint trees brilliant blue.  The color wears away over time, leaving the trees unharmed.  Dimopoulos has now made his way to Seattle, and has two installations in the area — at Westlake Park in the heart of downtown and along the Burke-Gilman trail in Kenmore.

Dimopoulos uses the startling blue to attract attention and awareness to the problem of global deforestation.  The blue is so unexpected, it does stop you in your tracks.  You might want to see these installations before they disappear.

The Blue Trees at Westlake Park

The Blue Trees

Blue tree with park benches

Blue Trees with park bench, Westlake Park

The Blue Trees at Westlake Park

5 Responses to “The Blue Trees”

  1. Sigrun Says:

    Nice trees, the blue color is really standing out!
    Like you I’m very fond of Goldsworthy’s art, I’d like to take a tour around Britain to visit all his sites …

  2. Carol Says:

    This I’ve got to see! How marvelous.

  3. Karin Says:

    One reason more to plan a trip to the US westcoast. Thank’s for sharing.

  4. Sallyann Says:

    Love it ! 🙂

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