Apple Blossoms

May 2, 2012

“The blooming orchards are the glory of May . . . ”
— John Burroughs, Leaf and Tendril

Apple blossoms

“May is a green as no other,
May is much sun through small leaves,
May is soft earth,
And apple-blossoms,
And windows open to a South wind.”
— Amy Lowell, “Lilacs”

Blossom by blossom, the spring progresses.  We are now seeing apple trees in flower.

Apple blossoms on the tree where I find windfalls.

Apple blossoms

Apple blossoms

Apple tree full of blossoms

Apple blossoms on my work table

Watercolor sketch of apple blossoms

2 Responses to “Apple Blossoms”

  1. sandy bessingpas Says:

    I love the watercolor-I have an original watercolor of apple blossoms done by my neighbor Merel hanging in my bedroom. It is one of my favorite pictures-would love a small one of yours to hang with it.

  2. Sallyann Says:

    Nice watercolour. 😀

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