Rhododendron Splendor

May 1, 2012

View from under a rhododendron, Washington Park Arboretum

“The world looks quite different if you view it, calmly and objectively, from the shelter of a large rhododendron blossom, with a sort of scarlet tent over your head, and a speckled rug under your feet — though it is rather alarming when bumble-bees, the size of bullocks, peer in at the entrance, and buzz like sirens.”
— Beverley Nichols, Sunlight on the Lawn


Rhododendron, Washington Park Arboretum

Rhododendron, Washington Park Arboretum

Rhododendron, Washington Park Arboretum

Rhododendron "Decorum" bud, Washington Park Arboretum

Some rhododendron petals are huge!

My neighbor's rhododendron bush

Rhododendron in the morning light

7 Responses to “Rhododendron Splendor”

  1. Renee Says:

    As much as I love Fall and Winter, there is nothing like Spring and the gifts it brings

  2. Chris Says:

    If this post doesn’t say Pacific Northwest, nothing does!! Very nice photos of our state shrub! I like the lemon, yellow one backlit with the soft “lemon light” I am down to 14 Rhodys in my yard and am awaiting their show…any day now!!

  3. Lona Says:

    Oh how beautiful Rosemary. I love Rhododendrons. Your neighbors is my favorite. Just lovely.

  4. Martha Says:

    One of the things I miss about the PNW is the luminous rhododendron.

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