Yellow Crocuses: A Little Candlelight

March 18, 2012

Yellow crocuses like beacons of candlelight

“A little candlelight at a gray wall,
One dauntless moment snatched from the March brawl
And, like the candlelight, to be forgot.”
— Louise Beebe Wilder, Colour in My Garden

My favorite bits from the above quote are the words “March brawl,” which certainly capture the blustery weather we’ve been having lately.  Yesterday it even snowed briefly during one rain shower — the drops thickened until they became snowflakes.

Today’s post celebrates the unassuming crocus, which clusters near the ground, striving to stay erect under the blows of March’s changeable weather.

Cluster of purple crocuses

Fully opened blooms

Sheltered from the rain on my kitchen windowsill

Watercolor sketch of crocuses

Another watercolor sketch of crocuses

3 Responses to “Yellow Crocuses: A Little Candlelight”

  1. Martha Says:

    Thank you for the morning beauty. And the beautiful poem.

  2. Sallyann Says:

    Ahhh, beautiful. 🙂

  3. Sartenada Says:

    So colorful and beautiful.

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