Meanwhile in Seattle the Daffodils are Blooming

March 14, 2012

Yellow daffodil

I arrived home from Minnesota last week to see the daffodils in bloom.  Spring is much farther along here than in the Midwest.  But March is fickle, and yesterday we had some snow flurries, which whisked away again in the general cold and rainy weather.  The daffodils do bring a nice touch of yellow radiance to the grayness of the day.

“The sweetest and fairest of spring’s yellow blossoms has been for many weeks sending up its slender water-green spears and opening a radiant blossom here and there — until they are assembled army strong . . . Daffodil time is again upon the land.”
— Louise Beebe Wilder, Colour in My Garden

Daffodils assembled "army strong"

Daffodils on "slender water-green spears"

White and yellow daffodils

Ink sketch of daffodils

5 Responses to “Meanwhile in Seattle the Daffodils are Blooming”

  1. garden2day Says:

    I really like the sketch!

  2. Sallyann Says:

    Somehow the yellowness of the daffodils always make me feel warm inside. 🙂

  3. Renee Says:

    Although I do love hyacinths for their fragrance I think that when the daffodils bloom they bring great cheer to the landscape

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