Sharing the Love: Valentine’s Day at Green Lake

February 14, 2012

A jogger encounters a Valentine's Day reminder along the path at Green Lake.

I love the idea of “Art in the Park,” and perhaps even more so when the art appears to pop up spontaneously without the sponsorship of a formal event.  So the Valentine’s Day art at Green Lake was an unexpected delight.  Here are some of the images from my Valentine’s Day walk around Green Lake:

A bouquet of real roses sheltered in the hollow of a Southern Catalpa tree at Green Lake.

Detail of Valentine's Day roses

Valentine garland circles a tree along the path at Green Lake.

I think the rowers were oblivious to this installation of hearts.

A curtain of red carnations dangles near a park bench.

The screen of dangling carnations wafts in the breeze off the lake.

Art in the Park on Valentine's Day

A spot of red, an apple in the crook of a tree at Green Lake

Apple art: another apple impaled on a tree branch at Green Lake

Even this lost fleece jacket, hung on the corner of a park bench, resembled a red Valentine's Day heart.

A heartfelt thanks to the anonymous artists who shared their lovely Valentine’s Day art in the park with us.  And a special thank you to my friend Lynne, who sent me an early morning email urging me to get out for a walk to see these creations in their natural setting.

8 Responses to “Sharing the Love: Valentine’s Day at Green Lake”

  1. Nicole Hallberg Says:

    And a warm hug of gratitude to you Rosemary, for the daily valentines your generous heart cuts out and sends to us, your secret admirers.

    Thank you.

  2. Jill Caravalho Says:

    This is the coolest inspiration I’ve seen in a very long time. For so many people it made there day. Including mine

  3. […] can see more photographs that Rosemary took at Green Lake today on her blog. Older Post Author: Amy Duncan Location: Green Lake Park Topics: photography, public art, […]

  4. garden2day Says:

    These are beautiful little reminders of what Valentine’s Day brings to us all.

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Thank you for sharing these expressions of love and beauty at the lake. Especially like the roses in the tree. Your photos are very good! I missed these this year but will make sure I visit the lake next year on Valentine’s Day!

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