Tree Watching in the Snow

January 22, 2012

Snow with catkins and curves

“All that summer conceals, winter reveals.”
—  Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek

The leafless tree skeletons on winter reveal their unique branching patterns.  Trees have either “opposite” or “alternate” branching.  (You can learn more at this link.)

Maple trees in the snow

Tufts of snow caught on a maple branch

White web of snow caught in horse chestnut tree

“Every branch big with it,
Bent every twig with it;
Every fork like a white web-foot;
Every street and pavement mute . . .”
— Thomas Hardy, “Snow in the Suburbs”

Watercolor sketch of maple tree branching pattern

5 Responses to “Tree Watching in the Snow”

  1. sherri Says:

    such pretty photos of the snow!!

  2. Molly Fulmer Says:

    I LOVE your photos and drawings! You are sooo talented.

  3. Beautiful watercolor!

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