Tree-Watching in Seattle — Late December

December 26, 2011

“It’s sometimes harder to see the familiar than the unusual, because in order to really see the familiar, you have to break the habit of overlooking it.”
— Nancy Ross Hugo, Seeing Trees:  Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees

As I mentioned in my December 21st post, I will be taking up tree-watching in 2012.  I’ve decided to “adopt” three trees — the horse chestnut trees near my bus stop, a maple tree in the parking strip, and a willow (at least I think it’s a willow) in a nearby alley — for periodic observation during the coming year.  I’m curious to find out what I have been overlooking, and hope, by close observation, to become better acquainted with these common trees.

Here are some of my views of these trees in late December:

Fallen, brown leaves under a horse chestnut tree

Trunk, bark, and buds of horse chestnut tree

Wrinkled bark on the "underarm" of this branch

Lateral buds on horse chestnut branch

Terminal buds, resting buds and leaf scars of horse chestnut tree

New buds with old leaf stems still attached

Decaying maple leaves in the parking strip

Trunk and bark of maple tree

Terminal buds, resting buds of maple

Last of the old maple keys, still hanging on

Trunk and bark of willow

Winter buds of willow

Winter buds, resting buds of willow

5 Responses to “Tree-Watching in Seattle — Late December”

  1. Chris Says:

    Beautiful winter tree photos! Isn’t it amazing what we can see when we stop and look very closely at something in nature? I did feel sorry though for that poor person swathed in all that car exhaust! I imagined it to be just steam rising up! 🙂

  2. Carol Says:

    Your observation of trees becomes ours. This is going to be fun!

  3. Hallysann Says:

    Looking forward to observing your trees with you. 🙂

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