Thoreau Thursdays (32): Unfolding in the Rain

November 24, 2011

“Some of my pleasantest hours were during the long rainstorms in the spring or fall, which confined me to the house for the afternoon as well as the forenoon, soothed by their ceaseless roar and pelting; when an early twilight ushered in a long evening in which many thoughts had time to take root and unfold themselves.”
— Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Raindrops on spider web

Necklace of raindrops in the rosemary bush

Thoreau would have been home in the rains of the Pacific Northwest.  He would have had plenty of opportunities to shelter in his house and succumb to revery while listening to the rain dripping down trees and gutters.

Artists need dormant times like these rainy days, as the following quote from Dale Chihuly, glass artist, proclaims:

“One of the great attractions of being in the Northwest is rain.  I find the rain very creative. . . . If I don’t feel good or I don’t feel creative, if I can get near the water something will start to happen.”
— Dale Chihuly, from an exhibit sign at “Dale Chihuly’s Northwest,” Tacoma Art Museum

Rainy days can be down times, like the unexpected snow days of winter.  “It is a fine thing to have a full day of nothing stretched before you.”  — Ken McAlpine, Islands Apart:  A Year on the Edge of Civilization


2 Responses to “Thoreau Thursdays (32): Unfolding in the Rain”

  1. garden2day Says:

    The photo looks almost magical with the raindrops encircling the web. So interesting.

  2. sartenada Says:

    Wow. Those photos are gorgeous. I see in them beads in a necklace, maybe Swarowsky beads, because they are glimmering so nicely. Lovely photos.

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