To Give Myself Utterly

November 16, 2011

Blazing red maple tree

Maple leaves in reds and yellows

Reflections of red trees in plate glass windows

“I want to give myself
as this maple
that burned and burned
for three days without stinting
and then in two more
dropped off every leaf . . .”
— Jane Hirshfield, from “Lake and Maple”


3 Responses to “To Give Myself Utterly”

  1. Rose Johnson Says:

    this is so……….beautiful!!! I would love to have the revelation of nature that you do, but, your sharing these wonderful images and your heart with us is a great start for me. Thank you.
    P.S. I am always excited to see what you send out on your blogs.


  2. sartenada Says:

    Incredible reddish color! Your photos are terrific.

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