The Willingness to Change, to Die

November 14, 2011

Maple leaves as a symbol of change

Autumn colors at Green Lake

“The green and orange and scarlet trees — what do they denote but willingness, and the flamboyance of change?”
— Mary Oliver, from “More Evidence”

A lesson from nature:  the inevitableness of change, of death.  I love the following poem, a call to courage and flamboyance, in the face of death.

October Prayer
by Esther Popel

Change me, oh God,
Into a tree in autumn
And let my dying
Be a blaze of glory!

Drape me in a
Crimson, leafy gown,
And deck my soul
In dancing flakes of gold!

And then when Death
Comes by, and with his hands
Strips off my rustling garment
Let me stand

Before him, proud and naked,
Unashamed, uncaring,
All the strength in me revealed
Against the sky!

Oh, God
Make me an autumn tree
If I must die!




4 Responses to “The Willingness to Change, to Die”

  1. Renee Says:

    Wow… what a powerful poem

  2. Yes, a profound poem. There are the smaller “deaths” too, the letting go so a new Spring can be born.

    We visited Green Lake, WI many years ago. Nice to find your blog today!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ellen

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