Reflections in a Koi Pond

June 1, 2011

Yesterday for lunch I met an old friend at Alexa’s Garden Cafe located in Ballard’s Swansons Nursery.  Our table was next to the koi pond, so we could enjoy watching the well-fed and friendly fish as we ate our sandwiches and salad.  (My Reuben sandwich was excellent!)  I was especially taken with the reflections of the foliage in the water.  Here are some photos:

Reflections of palm fronds in the water of a koi pond

Reflections with tail fin

Undulating tail fin of white koi

Lovely reflections with iridescence

This reminds me of the northern lights, which I'd like to see one day.

Koi pond at Swansons Nursery in Ballard


6 Responses to “Reflections in a Koi Pond”

  1. marianne Says:

    I see what you meant about the reflections. Cool images! M.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thanks, and thanks, too, for the gift of your time. I enjoyed meeting with you for conversation over lunch.

  2. Hallysann Says:

    Beautiful ..

  3. garden2day Says:

    The colors are breathtaking-almost magical looking! I can see what you mean about the northern lights. That’s something I really would like to see before I pass from this earth. Beautiful!

  4. Elece Hollis Says:

    Very cool photos! Like the first one best.

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