Seattle Day Trip: The Sunbelt Near Sequim

May 21, 2011

Rural scene near Sequim -- barn with Olympic Mountains

Sequim is one of my favorite destinations on the Olympic Peninsula.  It lies in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, so the weather is often sunnier than in Seattle.  I love driving along the country roads surrounding the town.  It’s still peaceful and rural. Later in summer, the lavender fields will be in bloom.  I was there on a Saturday, when the local outdoor market opened for the season.

Weathered ruin just off Hwy 101 near Sequim

Empty windows softened by moss and blossoms

Meadow with Olympic Mountains on the horizon

Dandelion-filled meadow

Old Dungeness Schoolhouse near Sequim

Barbed wire on the side of a barn

Opening day festivities (free cake!) at the Sequim Open Aire Market

Bread stall at the Sequim Market

Tempting pastries at another bakery stall

Handmade crocheted items, Sequim Market

7 Responses to “Seattle Day Trip: The Sunbelt Near Sequim”

  1. Dan Abbott Says:

    Glad you like our town! Hope you come back for the Sequim Lavender Farm Faire – this summer. Our legacy lavender farms are working hard to make this an exciting time to come back and enjoy America’s Provence.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Tomorrow’s blog post will have a bit more about Sequim and lavender. Hope you check in again.

  2. lisa bridge Says:

    These are beautiful, thanks for taking the time to visit our market and Sequim!

    • Rosemary Says:

      You are welcome. I had a wonderful time. One of the great things about traveling at this time of year is the chance to visit farmers’ markets.

  3. Those are beautiful photographs. You are very talented with the lense. Come on back to the market anytime!

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