Daffodil Season, Again

April 17, 2011

I’ve passed my two-year anniversary as a blogger, and although I think I am making better photographs, I still find it challenging to take a photo that offers a fresh perspective.  I think about this as I present daffodil photos for the third year in a row.  I still love photos of flowers against a black background.  And the daffodil reflected in a car tail light is a bit unusual.  Enjoy!


Daffodils at Green Lake

Two daffodils in my neighbor's garden

Daffodil in the morning light

Daffodil reflected in a car tail light

5 Responses to “Daffodil Season, Again”

  1. Hallysann Says:

    Love the Daff in the car light pic, it’s difficult to find something different but you’ve cracked it here.

  2. Happy Second Blogaversary! You are now out of, or into, the terrible twos.

    Your fresh perspective, is when you share your watercolours with us ;~)

  3. Loved the two daffodils in the neighbour’s yard.

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