Texas Sketchbook

April 1, 2011

Watercolor painting in one of our hotel rooms

I did manage to do some watercolor sketches in Texas, but I found it very difficult to find the time to paint while on a road trip.  I realize now that I need to be alone to do any sketching or painting, and solitude is hard to find on a short vacation.  Here are the few pages from my moleskin journal with my Texas sketches:

Texas bluebonnet

Armadillo. (I saw two armadillos at my uncle's home near Ft. Worth.)

Texas wildflowers

Miscellaneous Texas images

More Texas wildflowers

Sketches from my Texas road trip

Watercolor sketch of blue heron

Watercolor sketch of laughing gulls

12 Responses to “Texas Sketchbook”

  1. KarenP Says:

    Beautiful. I love seeing your sketches!

  2. garden2day Says:

    Beautiful watercolors! I tried to pick a favorite page and could not do it.

  3. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

  4. You painted my two favourites from your bird photos.

  5. Shirley Mord Says:

    Love the sketches very nice

  6. Gretchen Says:

    Rosemary, these are stunning! You are very talented. Do you sell them?


  7. paintlater Says:

    I love birds, art & libraries- couldn’t live without them so I enjoyed your blog-I always imagined Texas as a large dry cattle-dusted area but you gave me a real sense with these little sketches. Cheers Sue

  8. Nancy Canino Says:

    Just happened upon your blog today (while searching for an event at Urban Hort) and am completely smitten with your pictures and watercolors. You have an incredible artistic eye and talent for capturing the beauty around us. Thank you! I do hope you will consider selling your watercolors eventually — they are gorgeous. What a nice half hour you just gave me; I’ll be back again soon. Nancy, science teacher, Seattle

  9. I came over here from “Home with the Armadillos” on the blog “The Task at Hand.” In your picture captioned “More Texas wildflowers,” I think the one at the left is a firewheel (also called Indian blanket) rather than a coreopsis. Compare:


    The flower at the right is an anemone. Compare:


    • Rosemary Says:

      Oh thanks for the correction. I think you are absolutely right. So glad you followed the link from Linda’s blog to my sketchbook.

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