Exploring the Gulf Coast of Texas

March 27, 2011

My favorite part of Texas was the Gulf Coast.  We followed the coast from Corpus Christi to the Louisiana border.  Much of the time we were driving on narrow, barrier islands.  The land is flat, so we could see how easily this area can be devastated by hurricanes.

The shore was lined by sargassum weed (not seaweed), washed up from the Sargasso Sea

Laughing gull standing on sargassum weed, North Padre Island National Seashore

Sunset over our campground, North Padre Island National Seashore

Sunrise over the Gulf, delayed by a cloud bank on the horizon

Morning, North Padre Island National Seashore

A flat expanse of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

The entire Gulf Coast is a mecca for fishing. We saw people fishing in the surf, from the shore, from piers, and on boats.

Landscape near Brazoria, Texas

Fishing pier, Galveston

Brilliant blue jellyfish washed up on a Galveston beach

Galveston had many lovely, old houses like this one.

The coast is lined with homes on stilts, like this one near Port Bolivar.

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