Winter “To-Do” List

January 3, 2011

Page from John Updike's A Child's Calendar

Let me share with you one Winter “To-Do” list by Nikki McClure in Remember: A Seasonal Record:

  • Build a fire
  • Eat with friends
  • Go to the library
  • Walk at night
  • Have a sauna salon
  • Make friends with the neighbor’s cat
  • Read cookbooks
  • Eat kale
  • Sleep in
  • Barter
  • Make tamales
  • Heat it
  • Follow racoon tracks in the snow

And here is my seasonal “To-Do” List:

  • Wear woolen socks
  • Finish a hand-quilting project
  • Snowshoe on a mountain trail
  • Curl up under a quilt with a pile of library books
  • Warm up with a bowl of Vietnamese pho
  • Sit among growing things in a conservatory
  • Go on a winter hike
  • Feast my eyes in an art museum
  • Build a snowman
  • Drink hot chocolate with a melting marshmallow on top
  • Sleep between flannel sheets

2 Responses to “Winter “To-Do” List”

  1. Linking back to you tomorrow. Using your fisherman’s memorial photo as an ad for your blog. Diana

  2. Shirley Mord Says:

    A winter walk is the best, so quiet and beautiful..Dress warm and well worth the effort

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