Montana Wildlife

October 3, 2010

We saw very little wildlife in Glacier National Park.  If you want to see big animals in the wild, nothing beats an African safari.  In the United States, I believe you have to travel to Alaska have a guaranteed shot of seeing animals in their natural habitats. 

We were fortunate to have a few wild animal sightings on our trip to Glacier National Park.  We saw hundreds of deer at dusk in the Methow Valley, an unexpected treat.  And we saw a remarkable, huge raven near Lake Roosevelt in northeastern Washington.  We saw just one lone deer in Montana.

Glossy black raven near Lake Roosevelt

Raven in flight

On the way to St. Mary’s on Hwy 89 outside of Glacier Park, we happened upon a sole moose crossing the road! 

Moose along Hwy 89 on the way to St. Mary's

Moose heads up the bank

. . . and walks away out of sight

And on the drive back to East Glacier on Hwy 40, we saw one black bear at the side of the road.  We would have missed it completely but for the red Glacier Park tour bus, which was stopped in our lane on a curve in the road.  We assumed the driver had stopped because he/she had seen an animal, and we were right!  The black bear moved too quickly away from the road and into the bushes for me to get a photograph.  But it was very exciting to spot a bear!

We had already left the park and were driving on Hwy 135 into St. Regis when I spotted a herd of bighorn sheep grazing near the railroad tracks alongside the road.

Bighorn sheep on the road to St. Regis

So although we did not see a lot of wild animals, we count ourselves lucky to have chanced upon a few rare sightings of Montana wildlife.

One Response to “Montana Wildlife”

  1. But on your African safari, you won’t see a moose! An eland maybe ;>)

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