Seattle Day Trip: Ferry to Bainbridge Island

September 3, 2010

Sign on side of building in Pioneer Square

View of Seattle from the ferry to Bainbridge Island

I’ve always enjoyed riding the ferries in Seattle.  They are an integral part of the transportation system here, not just a tourist attraction.  But I took a ride, simply for pleasure, to Bainbridge Island.  It’s a wonderful way to get out on the waters of Puget Sound if you don’t have a boat of your own.  On Bainbridge, I walked along the Waterfront Trail to the Winslow business district.  I’m not much of a shopper, but I did browse for a while at the Eagle Harbor Bookstore, a gem of an independent bookstore.  Then I returned to Seattle on the ferry.  It made an easy half-day outing.

Raucous seagull on the ferry railing overlooking Seattle's loading docks

Bainbridge Island

I walked this trail from the ferry to the Winslow business district.

Wild blackberries along the Waterfront Trail

Weathered fence and shadows, Bainbridge Island

Several ferries ply the routes across Puget Sound.

Seattle skyline from the ferry

55 Responses to “Seattle Day Trip: Ferry to Bainbridge Island”

  1. the chebec Says:

    As a Seattlite the trip to Bainbridge via ferry is like a quick day-long vacation for me. I take that trip a few times a year. Great little getaway.

  2. I’ve been to that area around 10 years ago. I loved the scenery and the city. I hope to get the chance to visit again sometime soon.

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  4. Moranna Says:

    Interesting – with lovely pictures – glad you enjoyed your trip!

  5. Samantha Says:

    This has been a day trip that I’ve been planning to do someday, but keep loosing the motivation. Thank you for posting the beautiful photos they have rekindled my interest.

  6. Hollyass Says:

    nice blog, i like us

  7. Jen-ee-fah Says:

    Love the pictures! I love going to Bainbridge when out visiting my friend. Best part? The Nola Cafe!

  8. Loved your pics. My husband just went to Bainbridge Island in June, on a business trip. He said it was beautiful.Your pictures just proved it! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for the pictures. Makes me want to visit.

  10. c Says:

    Rosemary, I stumbled upon your blog on the wordpress homepage. How refreshing! After perusing your photos and other artwork, commentary and bits of poetry, I feel I have been on a mini retreat from the cares of the day. How soothing and beautiful.

    Thank you!

    I shall make it a point to visit now and then, especially when I am pressed by the feeling that “The world is too much with us”.

  11. […] more here: Seattle Day Trip: Ferry to Bainbridge Island « Rosemary's Blog var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Seattle Day Trip: Ferry to […]

  12. CrystalSpins Says:

    So pretty! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Nick Says:

    This is a beautiful blog. Reminds me of what a great place the Pacific North West all the way from London. Thankyou.

  14. calogeromira Says:

    Amazing bird and wild blackberries. How and where is Bainbridge Island?

  15. keldoo Says:

    Lovely….Bainbridge is quite special. You are reminding me that I need to do this again before the weather turns icky again. Like, tomorrow….

  16. I just found your blog.

    I love Bainbridge Island. I made my 1st visit to Seattle last October and we had breakfast at Bainbridge Island. The fall colors were so wonderful. I wish we could have stayed longer.

  17. Sunflowerdiva Says:

    Great pictures! Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  18. I just moved to the Puget Sound area(Whidbey Island) a few months ago and I am constantly in awe of how beautiful it is here. I pretty much instantly fell in love with this place.
    A few weeks ago we took a day trip to Seattle and I have to say I was highly impressed. I’m not a city person as a rule, but Seattle is certainly my favorite.

  19. takenoko Says:

    I lived in Seattle for 2 yearrs and Bainbridge was one of my favorite half day trip in Seattle, taking the ferry was like going on vacation, lived it! Btw, nice pictures thanks for sharing!

  20. El Santo Says:

    Beautiful! I live in the Puget Sound area too (Mukilteo) and Seattle always amazes me how, from a nice spot in the waterfront, you’re surrounded by miles of islands that are heavily wooded and generally serene (from a distance at least)! The Bainbridge Ferry is my favorite route in all of Washington, mainly because it gives you such an unobstructed view of the city on the return trip.

  21. scgator2001 Says:

    I took the same trip in July, it was my first trip to Seattle. My son was stationed there and told me about the weather, warned is a better word probably but my two weekends there were outstanding, just like today for you.

    I’ll have to go to the Seattle directory and look at the pictures again, it was a special day!

    Thanks for bringing that trip back again.

  22. Nice story. There are so many interesting islands to visit. I love a ferry ride. Thank you all ferry employees. We need you and you make a lonely day for a traveller that much more fun. Thanks for the story.

  23. luidy Says:

    very beautifull!!!

  24. Janet Says:

    Beautiful photos.

  25. sayitinasong Says:

    I love day trips! They are like mini breaks…and require a lot less money…lol. Beautiful pics! I have never visited the Seattle area before but based on these pics I would love to go!

  26. pwee13 Says:

    I wish I could be there! Here in the Philippines, it’s impossible to see something as serene and picturesque as that!

  27. I love Seattle, and I miss that city : ) Thanks for the nice pictures!

  28. Classic Says:

    Beautiful photographs! I am envious 😀

  29. eurybe08 Says:

    Great Post. What beautiful scenery’s and breathtaking sites.

  30. Just discovered your blog. It’s great. Love the photography, especially under the Autumn category. As a fellow Seattle blogger, I have to say it does such a nice job of capturing a cozy slice of the Seattle lifestyle. Your Bainbridge ferry trip story and lovely photos reminded me of several island day trips I’ve written about this summer on my Cozy Blog.

    Anderson Island –
    Vashon Island –

  31. irispandia Says:

    That first picture is my favorite one all the left-over building ads in Pioneer Square. “Have Lunch Over Seas” – it always reminds me how lucky we are to live in such a rich environment where we can hop on a Ferry in downtown and be on an island that feels far away in just thirty minutes. Great post!

  32. I loved your post. In 2008, I actually took a trip via Amtrak from Minnesota to Arizona, to Seattle, and back to Minnesota. During the trip to Seattle, I actually took the ferry to Vashon Island in order to stay at a youth hostel! Your pictures were a beautiful reminder of my trip! Thank you very much!

  33. saleewong Says:

    This just brought me my loveliest memory while in the US. Love Seattle and love sailing across like that too!!

  34. natinanorton Says:

    Great photos and congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    I especially like the seagull, berries, and weathered fence. Very clear vibrant colours. You must have a very good camera, a good eye, or both! 🙂 I’m a Seattle native, but never been to Bainbridge before. I’ll have to check it out sometime.


  35. cappy @ writer's block Says:

    The Puget Sound is my favorite area in the whole world.
    Pretty pictures 🙂

  36. offeringmyownconfusion Says:

    Great pictures. I have never been to Seattle, but am applying to UW this fall and am curious if it is as rainy as rumored? These pictures just look a little cloudy with a hint of sun. Could live with that!

  37. boxdancer Says:

    Lovely to see home again. Thank you for the pix.

  38. Thank you for this post; it brought back wonderful memories.

    I used to live on Bainbridge Island and worked in Seattle. I took the ferry every day and walked to work on the Seattle side. In those days, the ferries served a great breakfast, and I used to have my morning meal on the ferry.

    How great it was to see the colors of sunrise reflecting on Mt. Ranier as the ferry crossed the sound. Also, there is a camraderie among the daily commuters–people often take the same boat every day, and after a while, you recognize people and often begin to chat with them.

  39. thorsaurus Says:

    Lovely pictures. There’s little in the world that rivals a crisp September day on Puget Sound. I like taking some prawns from Ivar’s along for a snack. Did you see any orcas?

  40. Savays Says:

    I love Seattle!!! Awesome pictures!
    Thank you for great post!

  41. i loved the picture of the fence, man that looked amazing!!

  42. jenjams Says:

    Hi From Australia. I have always wanted to go to Seattle and your prictures are great! I shall get there one day.

  43. beccagregg Says:

    I just visited Seattle for the first time last weekend and absolutely adored it. The ferry over to the island was a great way to spend an afternoon, and a nice break from the bustle of downtown.

  44. Slamdunk Says:

    Excellent photos. We love seeing the wild blackberries in season up this way–always a neat sight for us.

  45. Andrew Says:

    Sweet, daytrippin’! Reminded me of the singer, Merril Bainbridge. More inyeresting though, was listening to The Presidents of the United States of America track “Volcano” (on my latest blog post), and it says: “Underground the Puget Sound…” I did not realise what that was till your post!

  46. Modern Funk Says:

    Great photos…love the one of the gull.

  47. Tom Starr Says:

    Thanks for the nice post about riding ferries. We Friday Harbor folk can really relate!

  48. ancientfoods Says:

    Great photo’s I’ll have to put this on my list when we visit. Living in Portland, we have been to Seattle but never have taken the ferry-that will now change, thank you

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