Hiking at Ebey’s Landing

August 19, 2010

My daughter hiking at Ebey's Landing, July 1996

One of my favorite places to hike is Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island.  I try to go at least once a year.  It’s a lovely hike on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  I walk back to the trail head along the driftwood-strewn beach.

Trail up to the top of the bluff at Ebey's Landing

View from the top of the bluff back toward the trail head

Dandelion along the trail

A family of hikers from Paris far ahead on the bluff trail

View from the bluff across Admiralty Inlet on Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains

Shades of blue, Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound

Bald Eagle near Ebey's Landing


3 Responses to “Hiking at Ebey’s Landing”

  1. Chuck Cornwell Says:

    Rosemary, your photos are beautiful.
    Chuck (UK)

  2. […] Hiking at Ebey’s Landing, August 19, 2010 […]

  3. Barbara Stahler Says:

    Love it too!

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