Soulful Soccer

July 10, 2010

A recent New York times article featured a story about Jessica Hilltout, a photographer who journeyed for 7 months through Africa to document ordinary people playing soccer for the pure love of the game.  Her photographs are remarkable.  The New York Times writer calls the ones of objects, such as homemade soccer balls fashioned from plastic bags, rags, string, particularly “soulful.”  You can link to the article here:  I guarantee that you will find this photographer inspiring.

Her experiences reminded me of a couple of encounters with soccer lovers in Costa Rica.  One Sunday morning my husband and I stumbled upon a soccer game at a beach.  The men  were playing barefoot in the sand, with their families watching from picnic blankets under the trees.  One of the things we loved about Costa Rica was the way the Costa Ricans themselves enjoyed their beautiful beaches, which have not been overtaken by tourists.

During our drives we saw many children walking to school along the sides of the roads, often accompanied by mothers.  The children always wore tidy uniforms.  And one young boy carried a soccer ball with him.

Soccer on the beach at Manzanillo, Costa Rica (2008)

Young boy with ball walking to school in La Fortuna, Costa Rica (2008)

2 Responses to “Soulful Soccer”

  1. Carol Says:

    You just reminded me of one of my first impressions of Cairo I arrive very late at night. Nevertheless, young men were playing soccer by the lights of the airport parking lot. Maybe they were taking advantage of the cooler 80 degree temperatures too.

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