Another Public Labyrinth

July 6, 2010

New public labyrinth outside the Experience Music Project

Labyrinth with Spaceneedle looming

Seattle has a new labyrinth that is open to the public every day.  I am drawn to the idea of labyrinths, walking mediations, and contemplation, so I made a point to check out this new installation.  It’s located adjacent to the Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center.

I did walk the labyrinth, but never fully settled into the flow of the experience.  Perhaps its location in the midst of one of Seattle’s most popular tourist sites was too distracting.  It felt more like a playground than a sanctuary.

But it’s always interesting to look at the unusual architecture of the nearby Experience Music Project, designed by Frank Gehry, which seems to change its colors depending on the weather.

Monorail track and Experience Music Project

Spaceneedle reflected in the Experience Music Project building

3 Responses to “Another Public Labyrinth”

  1. Lynne Says:

    I’ve never really warmed to Gehry’s architecture, especially the EMP, but your photographs of it are truly stunning!

  2. Looks really cool!
    Great pictures : )

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