June 13, 2010

Foxglove in bloom

Foxglove flower

“If you have a nice clump if foxgloves in your back garden you cannot ever be bored.  There is the echo of all the sweet and liquid sounds of the country in their pale bells.  In addition, I am told that their roots, if boiled and added to the soup, are guaranteed to make your most disagreeable enemy expire in considerable discomfort within twenty-four hours, but I have not tested this personally.”
     — Beverley Nichols, Down the Garden Path

Cascading foxglove bells


“The peacock has a score of eyes,
With which he cannot see;
The cod-fish has a silent sound,
However that may be;

No dandelions tell the time,
Although they turn to clocks;
Cat’s-cradle does not hold the cat,
Nor foxglove fit the fox.”
     — Christina Rossetti


One Response to “Foxglove”

  1. Lovely Christina Rossetti poem! Your beautiful photographs fit perfectly. Wonderful blooms! ;>)

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