What Do Your Lists Tell about You?

May 22, 2010

I was pleased to come across a book of lists compiled by Liza Kirwin, the curator of manuscripts at the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art.  The book is such a clever idea.  As the title says, the book includes “To-Do” lists, illustrated Inventories, collected thoughts and other enumerations by a wide selection of artists.

Liza Kirwin's book of artists' lists

Paul Branson's alphabetical list of animals (from the book)

My life seems to be governed by lists.  Here is a list from my current day book/journal.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever use it for anything, but it was fun making the list:

List of Sayings using Numbers

  • one for the road
  • back to square one
  • a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  • like two peas in a pod
  • stand on your own two feet
  • two’s company; three’s a crowd
  • three time’s the charm
  • three sheets to the wind
  • three-ring circus
  • three dollar bill
  • four corners of the earth
  • take five
  • high five
  • at sixes and sevens
  • eighty-six
  • six of one and half a dozen of the other
  • seventh heaven
  • seven year itch
  • twenty-four seven
  • behind the eight ball
  • cloud nine
  • dressed to the nines
  • the whole nine yards
  • a stitch in time, saves nine

Can you think of more?

2 Responses to “What Do Your Lists Tell about You?”

  1. Lynne Says:

    A few years ago I came across a list I made in my teens and then forgot about – over 40 years ago! – of things I wanted to do or to accomplish in my life. It was very interesting to see what had been achieved over the years and what had not. All in all, they were fine goals and indicate that I was then pretty much the same person I am today. No wonder it’s sometimes such a shock to look in the mirror and confront the indisputable signs of age!

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