Blogging Your Passions

April 28, 2010

Display window at the Greenwood Library

I recently did the outside display at the Greenwood Library where I work.  Of course, I chose blogging as my theme.  

Why blog? (artwork by Jenny Crampton)

Blogs that became books and movies

Some books to help you start your own blog

 Since installing the display, I’ve come across a couple of new titles that would have fit beautifully. The book Suddenly Frugal by Leah Ingram features tips on how to live more on less.  Ingram writes the blog

Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey inspires readers by writing about bloggers who are also artists, quilters, craftspeople, sewers, etc.  She says that “Creative blogs are the personal journals of the 21st century.”  I’ve now got a new list of blogs to browse in my spare time. 


3 Responses to “Blogging Your Passions”

  1. shirley Says:

    Suddenly Frugal nice blog thanks

  2. greenwalks Says:

    Nice! I used to love doing displays when the librarians let me. 🙂 There is also “The Vegan Lunch Box,” which came out of the Vegan Lunch Blog. I even bought the book, which now has a sequel.

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