Early Tulips

March 8, 2010

The Skagit Valley is perhaps best known for its annual Tulip Festival in April.  I would expect that the tulip fields will begin blooming in late March this year.  I thought I might see some ribbons of color in the fields on my weekend drive, but I saw only the yellow of daffodils.  I did see a handful of individually blooming tulips in the demonstration gardens at Roozengaarde.  Many more were still tightly furled buds.

Tulip bed at Roozengaarde

Early tulip bud

The promise of a tulip bud

Unfurled tulip

Yellow tulip just about to burst into bloom

Tulips and shadows

Assembling a fresh bouquet in the Roozengaarde gift shop

One Response to “Early Tulips”

  1. Polly Welch Says:

    Hi Rosemary,

    I saw your blog and wanted to thank you for your mention of RoozenGaarde! I saw your beautiful daffodil pictures as well. If you are interested, you are welcome to post those on our customer gardens page @ tulips.com. (Many people post their RoozenGaarde or field pictures their as well as their own garden). Sometimes we use those photos in our catalog or emailings so it’s fun to see what people put up there. You have some great shots!

    Sorry you missed the tulips – and you are right, we are expecting them in March.


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